Fourth NCSQC, 2008


Fourth National Convention on
Students’ Quality Circles 2008

Close-out Report


It is my pleasure to report the three-day Fourth National Convention on Students' Quality Circle 2008 (4th NCSQC'08) which is just concluded at Kathmandu with declaration of a seven-point resolution (for the convention resolution, please refer Annex I). The Convention was organized from 1st to 3rd November 2008 by QUEST-Nepal (Quality Circles in Education for Students' Personality Development, Nepal) in association with Nepal Jesuit Society and St. Xavier's School, Jawalakhel with the cooperation of Productivity and Quality Committee of FNCCI (PQC/FNCCI), Private and Boarding Schools’ Organization Nepal (PABSON), National Private and Boarding School Association Nepal (NPABSAN) and Network for Quality, Productivity and Competitiveness–Nepal (NQPCN). The Convention was fourth in series conducted annually in the month of November since 2005.

The Convention was inaugurated by Hon. Prime Minister Mr. Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) with an enlightening and motivating address to the august gathering of students and educationists who came from different parts of the country. Inaugurating the Convention Prime Minister Prahanda said: “I am confident that the SQC approach among the students will help to channelize the creative potentials of the students and develop a win-win attitude among them to meet the demands of a New Nepal”. The central theme of the Convention was "Students' Quality Circle (SQC) for Cooperation, Coordination and Collaboration".

The convention was enthusiastically followed by its large audience of 1123 students and teachers from 73 schools of 15 districts spreading from Jhapa in the far east to Mahendra Nagar in the far west. (for the list of participating schools, please refer Annex II). The delegates presented their respective Quality Circle case studies, mini-research papers, and enthusiastically participated in panel discussions on the theme. It was noteworthy to observe the creative and innovative way of expressing ideas on quality issues on the topic like cooperation, coordination and collaboration. The presentation and communication skills that young students exhibited during their case study presentation were marvelous. They were convincing their colleagues how they identified their problems, analyzed it and solved it collaboratively in a team. Besides, students also participated in other competitive streams like debate, quiz, poster and slogan, and street play competition on various quality issues.
Mr. Jagdish Gandhi, Pioneer of Students Quality Circles in academia from CMS School, Lucknow, India and Chairperson of the World Council for Total Quality and Excellence in education was the distinguished guest of honour of the convention. He was present in the inauguration ceremony together with his 9 member delegates. QUEST-Nepal accorded a Letter of Honour to Mr. Gandhi on this occasion from Prime Minister Prachanda for his tribute to the Students’ Quality Circles movement in the world, in more than 24 countries. Mr. Gandhi delivered keynote speech in the inauguration ceremony which was greatly appreciated by the participants and other guests.

Other international delegates in the Convention were Prof. Dr. M. R. Kabir, Pro-vice Chancellor, The University of Asia Pacific from Bangladesh and Mr. Wahid Ali Mir, Principal of Modernage Public School and College from Pakistan. The special addresses delivered by these two internationally renowned educationists in the closing ceremony were extremely motivating and learning experience to the participants. A three-hour seminar was also held in the third day of the convention. 75 teachers from different participating schools participated in the seminar given by three international delegates in three different topics. Prof. Kabir from Bangladesh highlighted about the teaching methods at higher education level, Mr. Wahid Mir from Pakistan talked about the left and right side of the brain, and Mr. Dhiraj Meharotra, TQM and computer expert from CMS, Lucknow, India delivered his lecture on cyber education. The seminar was well accepted by the teachers who expressed extremely happy to learn new and innovative ideas from international resource persons.

Students' Quality Circle (SQC) is relatively a new approach applied in educational institutes to prepare total quality people. Total Quality People are those having GOOD as well as SMART characters. Quality people are not a matter of chance, but a constant and continuous effort is required to groom them. They have to be trained right from the beginning with the quality consciousness by adopting innovative ideas. Students' Quality Circle is one such innovative approach which helps the student to develop pro-social personality behavior together with academic knowledge. It also helps them to make total quality people, total quality citizens and total human beings. Quality products and quality service deliveries is possible only when we have total quality people.

The convention delegates, including students and teachers together made a very important conclusion during the Convention that the SQC movement in education should be followed in the future with priority. Young students and educationists who participated in the Convention decided to widely promote the practice of Students' Quality Circles throughout the country in private, community as well as government schools to prepare future quality citizens. The convention turned out to be a big education mela where students from various parts of the country meet and interact to understand each other. Business houses and various educational institutes supported to organization Convention to make it highly successful (for the list of Sponsors who supported with resources “Kinds, Cash and human resources” are shown in Annex III). I like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of them. The fifth national convention is decided to be held in the month of November 2009 at Galaxy Public School, Kathmandu.

Prof. Dinesh P. Chapagain
Chairman, Quality Circles in Education-Nepal (QUEST-Nepal)
P.O.Box: 1608, e-mail:; URL:



THEME OF THE CONVENTION: “SQC for Cooperation, Coordination and Collaboration”

On 1st November 2008, the opening day of the Fourth National Convention on Students’ Quality Circle – 2008 (4th NCSQC’08) held on 1st to 3rd November 2008 at St. Xavier’s School, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Nepal, the QUEST Nepal agreed to make the following resolutions, in the presence of Mr. Jagdish Gandhi, Chairman, World Council of Total Quality and Excellence in Education (WCTQEE), Mr. Abdul Wahid Mir, Director General, WCTQEE, Pakistan, Prof. Dr. M.R.Kabir, Representative of Director General, WCTQEE Bangladesh, Mr. Hari Om Sharma, Mr. S.L. Vaish, and Mr. Dhiraj Mehrotra and media team from CMS Lucknow with full commitment and support for promoting the movement of Students’ Quality Circle in Educational institutes taking collaborative approach.


Resolution 1: We are deeply honoured to have inaugurated the 4th National Convention on Students’ Quality Circles by Right Honourable Prime Minister of Nepal Mr. Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda). Moreover, we extend our sincere acknowledgement to the Prime Minister for his motivating address to all participants. We like to thank also Honourable Minister of Education Mrs. Renu Yadav for her valuable presence and thought provoking address to all participants.

Resolution 2: We like to extend our sincere thank to Mr. Jagdish Gandhi, founder of the SQC philosophy in education for his valuable presence and illustrative address to the august audience of the convention. We extend our hearty thanks to international guests from World Council for Total Quality and Excellence in Education Mr. Abdiul Wahid Mir, Pakistan, Prof. Dr. M.R. Kabir, Bangladesh and Mr. Hari Om Sharma for their highly intellectual and influential key note speeches to participants which will be a guidelines to the future direction of QUEST – Nepal activities for promoting Quality Circles among students with a collaborative approach.

Resolution 3: We agreed that the QUEST - Nepal work collaboratively with various national and international professional, educational, businesses and civil society organizations for the promotion of Quality consciousness in each sectors of nation building by taking initiatives in leadership development among students through Students' Quality Circles.

Resolution 4: We like to put on record that QUEST-Nepal has initiated to promote the Students Quality Circles movement in pubic, private and community run academic institutions all over the country including rural areas of Nepal. We like to acknowledge the commitment and guidance of Fr. Lawrence Maniyar, S.J. in this arduous task of reaching to rural parts of the country.

Resolution 5: We further agreed to spread the SQC movement outside the Kathmandu Valley by organizing national conventions in other parts of Nepal.

Resolution 6: We put on record the role of Fr. Lawrence Maniyar, S,J, Convenor, Fr. P.A.James, Co-convenor, their strong team at St. Xavier’s School with active support of QUEST-Nepal member schools and members of various technical committee and national business enterprises for successful accomplishment of the 4th National Convention on Students’ Quality Circles.

Resolution 7: We agreed to conduct the 5th National Convention at Galaxy Public School, by Ms. Geeta Chhetri (Rana) Nepal in the month of November 2009.


List of Participating Schools

1. Ace Higher Secondary School
2. Adarsh Vidya Niketan
3. Apex School, Shankarnagar
4. Bagmati Boarding H.S. School
5. Baylor International Academy
6. Bethel English Sec. School
7. Bhaktapur English S. School
8. Birendra Sainik A. Mahavidyalaya
9. Brihaspati Vidyasadan
10. Budhanilkantha School
11. Chhorepatan H. S. School
12. DAV School
13. Future Star School
14. G.N. Jyoti Divya Vidya Ashram
15. Galaxy Public School
16. Galaxy Secondary School
17. Gautam Secondary School
18. GEMS School
19. Green Vale Academy
20. Gyan Jyoti Higher Sec. School
21. Heartland Children Academy
22. Himanchan Higher Sec. School
23. Karunanidhi Higher Sec. School
24. Kathmandu University H. School
25. Little Angels' School
26. Lotus Academy, Simra
27. LRI School
28. Lyceum Model School
29. Manokamana Secondary School
30. Marigold Eng. Boarding School
31. Marigold School
32. Miniland Eng. Sec. School
33. Monastic Higher Sec. School
34. Moonlight English School
35. Mount Edmund Sec. School
36. Neptune Boarding High School
37. New Horizon Academy
38. Palpa Awasiya Sec. School
39. Pinnacle Scholars' Academy
40. Rambhakta Memorial School
41. Rastriya Bibhuti S.S. Sadan
42. Rato Bangala School
43. Rosebud School
44. Rupak Memorial School
45. S.S. College
46. Shree B.P. Sainik Shanti P. Academy
47. Shree Jyoti Eng. Higher Sec. School
48. Shuvatara International School
49. Shuvatara School, Sanepa
50. Siddartha Ma. Vi
51. Siddartha Vidyapeeth
52. Simra Public English School
53. Sishu Niketan Eng. School
54. Societal Higher Secondary School
55. SOS Higher Sec. School Gandaki
56. South Point Boarding School
57. Souvenir High School
58. St. Capitanio School, Tansen
59. St. Mary's School, Jawalakhel
60. St. Peters English School
61. St. Xavier's School, Deonia
62. St. Xavier's School, Jawalakhel
63. St.. Xavier's School, Godavari
64. Sun Rise Eng Boarding School
65. Sunshine H. Secondary School
66. Suryodaya Jyoti Secondary School
67. Syangja Higher Sec. School
68. The Excellent Boarding School
69. The Shivalik High School
70. Tri Ratna Secondary School
71. Universal Higher Sec. School
72. Vidhya Sadan Sec. School
73. Vidhya Sagar Secondary School